Welcome! You’ve found the home page for “The Order of the Rose,” a 3.5 D&D Campaign with hints of D20 past and most importantly, guns!

The World is Expanding, and Science is taking the place of Magic. No longer are Wizards trained in great academies, Barbarians have nearly been erased from the known world. Kings and Queens rule, political intrigue and scandals are all the gossip and the once Proud and Honorable Order of the Rose, the guardians of the Queens of Kain, is becoming corrupt.

Elves and Dwarves have fled to their hidden santuaries, no longer a part of a World that has shunned them. Instead humans have emerged as explorers and the World grows a little larger every day – exotic animals and beasts are sold in the marketplaces and men grow rich trafficking in all sorts of foods, drugs, and gemstones from what was once thought to only be the end of the World.

Now, strange rumors abound about the ruling Monarch of Kain and her daughter, the heir to the Rose Throne. No one knows who the Princess’ father is, and the Queen remains tight-lipped. Important members of the royal court have propsed that the Queen is making deals with devils and demons….

And they might just be right….

The Order of the Rose

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