The Order of the Rose

The End of an Era....

The party walked through the sewers to escape the palace, the ran into some very large spiders and brutally slaughted them, then eventually helped Gunther across the river to safety. The went back to the Inn and Liana was glad to see her long lost lover again. Friar Al headed to the bar, and he watched as two guardsmen entered the Inn in search of something… he tried to gingerly escape but only served to bring more attention to himself.

He warned the party and Dirk was able to sugget that the guards look elsewhere, and they did.

There was a note found and the party learned the Queen was most likely being held in Tower to the South. They, and the rest of the town, turned out for the Princess Birthday, which was supposed to feature an execution, but instead featured a disbanding of the Order due to LACK of execution.

And now the party is to travel to the fishing village of Red Breeze to the South and to the tower that may hold the Queen….



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