The Order of the Rose

Saving the Queen.....

The party heads down south to the small fishing village of red-breeze. There they are greated warily, but Quintas is able to barter (for a stiff price) their travel to and from the island several miles off shore.

Entering the tower the hard way, the party has begun to explore the the tower, in their search for the Queen. They’ve run into a wight, a bearded devil, some demons and a wyrmling Blue Dragon which Quintas slaughtered mercilessly.

Now they are walking down a long, narrow hallway and find themselves at a dead end, with only a trap door beneath them…

Where will this lead?

Devils and Demons are working together? Perhaps there is more to the story than just the Queen’s old lover….

The End of an Era....

The party walked through the sewers to escape the palace, the ran into some very large spiders and brutally slaughted them, then eventually helped Gunther across the river to safety. The went back to the Inn and Liana was glad to see her long lost lover again. Friar Al headed to the bar, and he watched as two guardsmen entered the Inn in search of something… he tried to gingerly escape but only served to bring more attention to himself.

He warned the party and Dirk was able to sugget that the guards look elsewhere, and they did.

There was a note found and the party learned the Queen was most likely being held in Tower to the South. They, and the rest of the town, turned out for the Princess Birthday, which was supposed to feature an execution, but instead featured a disbanding of the Order due to LACK of execution.

And now the party is to travel to the fishing village of Red Breeze to the South and to the tower that may hold the Queen….

The Story So Far
How we got to this point

Quintas, Gunther, Evets and Dirk were hired by Jaquin Quinlan to help with the carvan travel from Eagleshire, where they had all found themselves, and Kainston (Quintas was more interested in the payment than the destination). Jaynas was working for a seamstress in the town who needed to deliver a dress to Baron Ferdinand’s daughter in time for Princess Lillian de Trevan’s birthday celebration.

While on the journey, the caravan travelled through the Haunted Forest – they were attacked by bandits, stopped by Centaurs and Evets was bitten by a lycanthrope. They headed on to a town beyond the forest where Jaquin had many contacts and hoped to resupply their provisions. The town was Windy Hawk, and what they found there, was something out of a nightmare.

No one was left in the town, and a strange mist was all about. There was no blood, no sign of struggle. They found a note, left by a merchant, describing the events: “They attacked us in the night. I survived until daylight, and the village was silent. There were no bodies, no blood. Nothing. Almost everyone was gone. Only three of us and a small child who remains wide-eyed and will not speak. We are leaving, we will not remain here. We do not know what happened only that this town has been claimed by someone else, and we will give them leave to have it.”

On their way out of town, they were met by the benevolent ghost of a townsperson who had been on watch the night that the attack had happened. He claimed that demons attack the village and urged the party out of town, lest they be accosted by townsfolk whose had become more angry spirits in their death.

They did so.

The continued on their way, quickly due to their lack of dwindling supplies to Appleton, by the Lake. There they were able to find a priest who was able to reverse the curse of Lycanthropy on Evets. Jaquin resupplied his carvan and they made their way onto Kainston.

In Kainston, Jaynas and Dirk went to deliver the Baron’s daughter’s dress, while Quint got a new face and learned that there were many rumors that the Order of the Rose was to be disbanded. The Order had stopped all recruitments and the town guard had begun to swell in numbers. Quint abducted a young Order member, but was unable to gather any useful information.

Evets and Gunther, meanwhile, went in search of a pie.

Later that evening they all met back at the Thorny Rose Inn and were enchanted by the woman singing on stage. She invited Quintas to meet her in her room after midnight – which he did.

Her name was Liana Starwell, she positioned herself as known to Quint and stated that she was the lover of his Mentor, At’hyn Ayril’lo. She also told him that she diguised herself a deaf/mute old maid in the Queen’s palace and that the woman now posing as the Queen was in fact an imposter. The Queen’s lover, a paladin that Rosaline had sucedued was the true father of Princess Lillian. She thinks the captain of the Guard is behind some plot, and possibly in league with Lord Coran, whose house is next in line for the throne. At’hyn is not dead, as Quintas thought, but being held prisoner in the dungeon, his execution the princess’ birthday is being used to show the Order as traitors and disband them so that they may go out and search for the true Queen Rosaline.

She suggested the party attend the Princess’ ball – with Quintas as Lord Westerling (a minor house). They did so.

While at the ball, they were able to sneak into the dungeons, but they were followed by a drunken Friar – who joined them in defeating the guards and freeing At’hyn. They escaped through hidden door that had access to the sewers, of which At’hyn had known and directed them.

The party is currently traveling through the sewers, hoping not to be discovered….

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